We are committed to the principle of improving and shaping the future of the communities in which we operate.

Our work creates vital local employment and we strive to create a rewarding, healthy and safe environment for all employees. We offer diverse and flexible work practices and take a full interest in the career development of all our staff. Our formula for success lies in large part in retaining the best local talent for our company.

As Chagala continues to grow, we review our commitments to the communities where we operate and evaluate the impact of our contributions on an on-going basis. Our goal is to maximize the community’s return on the investment being made. We are committed to the people of Kazakhstan and practice the belief that we all have a responsibility to help those in need, to donate our time and finances, and to give back to society. Some of our recent contributions to local communities are detailed below.

Bautino playground

Bautino, a small town perched on the shores of the north Caspian Sea, is in need of investment in social infrastructure. Chagala identified one need for the town’s children – a proper playground facility – in early 2010. Chagala fully financed the design and installation of a modern and safe playground, which has become an instant hit with the local children and parents in search of a safe place for their children to play.

Hotel training centre in Aktau

Chagala provided financial and material support for the establishment of a hospitality training centre in Aktau in 2010. The city of Aktau has been identified as a future tourism destination for the country with intentions to develop facilities to attract both domestic and international travellers. The centre provides real life skills training for students seeking to establish careers in the hospitality industry. This effort was undertaken in conjunction with the local government and the local department of education.

Juvenile psychiatric care facility

We established our partnership with a psychiatric care facility in the Atyrau region in 2007, and since then we have lent a hand to numerous children and families living with mental health and related issues. We are committed to continuing our financial support and to helping those in the community in the greatest need.

Kazakhstan youth rugby

In a new effort to support the youth development in Kazakhstan, Chagala has initiated financial support to nurture the growth of rugby among young people in the western Kazakhstan cities of Aktau and Atyrau. By helping to support the establishment of teams, coaching staff and training facilities, we hope to encourage local youth to play the sport and nurture a passion for it on a national level while teaching the benefits of teamwork, commitment and a healthy active lifestyle.